20, 24 or 28? At what temperature does running AC save electricity? Even people who have been driving for years remain confused

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi. Summer has now arrived in most parts of India. Heat like conditions are also being created at many places during the day. In such a situation, AC has started being used. Nowadays, AC is being used in large numbers even in small cities. However, even people who have been running AC for many years do not know at what number or temperature the AC should be run to save electricity and remain comfortable. In such a situation, we are going to tell you here which temperature is best to run the AC.

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Actually, most people have a habit that as soon as they turn on the AC, they start running it at 18 or 21 degrees. But, this is not best practice. Especially if you want to reduce power consumption. Because, everyone knows that running AC results in higher electricity bill. Then what is the correct temperature?

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Run AC at 24 degrees
The government has made the default setting for AC 24 degrees since the year 2020 and experts also believe that this is the right temperature to run the AC. It has been revealed from many studies that up to 6 percent of electricity is saved for every one degree. The lower the temperature at which the AC is run, the more the compressor works and the higher the electricity bill. This means that by running the AC at higher temperatures, electricity can be saved at every degree.

Experts also believe that AC at 24 degrees is good for health. Because, the average temperature of human body is 36 to 37 degrees. That means any temperature lower than this is naturally cool for us and 24 degrees is enough to give you relief. In such a situation, doctors also believe that 24 degrees is sufficient for the human body.

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