Zarine Khan got angry after seeing this beauty trend- what is happening? We have become monkeys

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Zarine Khan got angry after seeing this beauty trend- what is happening? We have become monkeys

Actress Zareen Khan is angry at the moment, and she has expressed her anger on the latest beauty trends on Instagram. Zareen Khan has said that now we have become monkeys. Actually, the actress recently saw a reel in which a user was making fake freckles on the face with the help of broccoli. Zareen Khan shared the reel of that female user on her Instagram account. She also shared her video and expressed her displeasure over the beauty tip given. Zareen wrote, 'I am not against freckles, but I am against these stupid trends.' In the video, she said, 'What is this? What is happening?

'Social media has turned us into monkeys'

Meanwhile, Zareen told Hindustan Times, “There are some weird trends now. I don't know what people are doing. It's beyond my understanding. I am seeing a trend where people are trying to make fake freckles. It's shocking. Why would you do this? I don't understand the logic behind it. Social media has turned us into monkeys.”

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Zarine Khan also had freckles on her face, her mother was always worried that the girl had blemishes on her face

Zareen Khan then shared her childhood struggle and how she had to deal with freckles and also face the pressure of society. She said, 'I have no complaints with freckles. I myself had freckles in my childhood. If I had them now, I would not have bothered to remove it from my face. In childhood, I did not have the right to say anything, so my parents had a habit of saying hey ladki hai, koi daag nahi hona chahiye. It was sad, you know. They did not understand freckles. They used to wonder what has happened to the face. My mother used to take me to homeopathic doctors to remove freckles.'

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Appeal to embrace natural beauty

Zareen Khan again requested today's youth to embrace natural beauty and be the way they are. Don't be insecure at all. She also lamented that the content of social media culture lacks depth and everything is superficial. She said, 'Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. Social media can be a very good way to spread messages that influence society in a good way. But I have hardly seen anyone doing that. Today's generation believes whatever they see on social media to be true. If you have freckles on your face naturally, it is beautiful, but don't make fun of it by making such reels.

Zarine was seen in this film

Talking about the professional front, Zareen Khan was last seen in the 2021 film 'Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele'.

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