YouTube Removed 1.9 Million Videos in India Between January and March 2023

Ronit Kawale
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YouTube Removes Over 1.9 Million Videos in India for Violating Community Guidelines

Between January and March 2023, YouTube removed more than 1.9 million videos in India for violating its community guidelines, making it the country with the highest number of removals, according to a report by the video streaming platform. Globally, YouTube removed over 6.48 million videos during the same period for similar violations.

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The Community Guidelines Enforcement report offers insights into the flags YouTube receives and how it enforces its policies. In India, the significant removals were attributed to violations of YouTube’s Community Guidelines. Comparatively, in the US, around 654,968 videos were removed, while Russia saw 491,933 removals, and Brazil had 449,759.

YouTube stated that since its inception, its Community Guidelines have aimed to safeguard its community from harmful content. The platform employs a combination of machine learning algorithms and human reviewers to enforce these policies.

Addressing the importance of curbing misinformation, YouTube emphasized that as technology evolves and AI-powered tools become prevalent, taking action against misleading content that could cause real-world harm is crucial. The platform has well-established community guidelines in place, which guide the type of content allowed on the platform. YouTube’s commitment to combating misinformation is a continuous effort, with ongoing investments in this area.

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