You are the leader of this house, you should not bow down to anyone, Om Birla's reply to Rahul's advice

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi : Monday was a very eventful day during the first session of the new Parliament. Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha Rahul Gandhi fiercely targeted the BJP during the discussion on the President's address. In his speech, Rahul Gandhi accused the BJP of spreading violence and hatred as well as a planned attack on the Constitution and the concept of India. During this, Rahul Gandhi also advised Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla not to bow down in the House.

Rahul Gandhi mentioned the meeting

Rahul Gandhi mentioned his meeting with the Lok Sabha Speaker and PM Modi. Rahul Gandhi said that Modi ji shook hands with you and when I shook hands with you, I saw that when I shook hands with you, you were standing straight and shaking hands with me. When Modi ji shook hands with you, you were shaking hands by bending. The leader of the opposition said that you are the leader of this House, you should not bow before anyone.

Honorable Prime Minister… don't be afraid-don't be afraid, keep listening to this, why did Mahua Moitra say this?

Om Birla answered this question

Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla also reacted to this. He said that the leader of the opposition, the Prime Minister is the leader of the House. My culture teaches me that in personal life, in public life and even on this seat, we should bow down and greet those who are elder to us. This is what I have been taught. Consider those who are equal as equals. This is what I have been taught and that is why I did this.

Even Rajnath and Gadkari are afraid of Modiji…what did Rahul Gandhi say?

Rahul on the issue of Hindus

Earlier, Rahul Gandhi targeted the BJP and said that 'these people are not Hindus because they talk about violence 24 hours a day.' He also said that a Hindu can never commit violence, spread hatred and fear. When Rahul Gandhi made this allegation on the BJP, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah objected and said that the Congress leader has called the entire Hindu society violent.

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