'You are making a big mistake', Yash Chopra advised Sonam Khan not to get married, what was the reason?

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'You are making a big mistake', Yash Chopra advised Sonam Khan not to get married, what was the reason?

'Tridev' film actress Sonam Khan is currently in the news due to one of her interviews, in which she has made many revelations related to her film career. Sonam Khan, who became famous as 'Oye Oye Girl', said goodbye to films in the year 1994 and got married. Sonam Khan has revealed that filmmaker Sonam Khan had advised her not to get married. She also said that she was making a big mistake. Sonam Khan made her acting debut in 1988 with Yash Chopra's film 'Vijay'. Her hero in this was Rishi Kapoor. Sonam did three films with Yash Chopra and then after doing 35 films, she got married at the age of 18 and became a mother before the age of 20. Sonam Khan married Rajiv Rai in 1991, but they got divorced after 15 years in 2016.

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Yash Chopra had told Sonam- don't get married, you are making a mistake

In an interview to 'News 18', Sonam Khan told that Yash Chopra was not happy with her decision to get married so soon. The actress said, 'Before marriage, I was offered a film with Salman Khan. I got the offer for Salman's 'Baaghi'. Yash Chopra ji offered me 'Aaina', which was later accepted by Amrita Singh ji.'

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Married at the age of 18, became a mother before 21 years

Sonam further said, 'Yash Chopra ji told me not to get married, you are making a mistake. But I did not listen to him. I left work at the age of 17, got married at the age of 18 and had a child before I turned 21. So I kept roaming around the world and trying to understand things. Then finally came back to India.'

Sonam regrets giving up her career, gives advice

Sonam still regrets that she put her career at stake. She said that no woman should stop working, no matter what happens. Sonam said, 'Whether she is married to a pauper or a billionaire, a woman should never leave her work because this is her identity. It was a huge mistake that I made. However, my son is with me and regrets are useless. From now on I will take care of such things.'

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