Wow! Amazing performance, the orchestra team sang Vande Mataram during the welcome in Austria, even PM Modi himself became a fan

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: After a successful visit to Russia, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has now reached the European country Austria. He was given a grand welcome as soon as he got off the plane. He was welcomed by laying a red carpet. Not only this, Austria's Foreign Minister Alexander Schellenberg himself reached the airport to receive Modi. Prime Minister Modi himself seemed overwhelmed by this welcome. After reaching Austria, one more thing caught his attention and that was the music team here. This team sang the national song Vande Mataram to welcome Modi. PM Modi has also shared the video of such a wonderful performance of this Austrian orchestra team on his X handle.Modi was overwhelmed after hearing Vande Mataram
Prime Minister Modi was given a grand welcome in Austria with a wonderful presentation of Vande Mataram by the orchestra team. Modi has also shared a video of 2 minutes 38 seconds on his X handle. Modi wrote that Austria is known for its wonderful music. I experienced it by listening to this wonderful Vande Mataram presentation.

Who is the orchestra team?
Three-time Grammy Award winner Ricky Vij told about this Austrian orchestra team equipped with talented artists. Replying to this post of Modi, he wrote that the name of the person conducting the orchestra is Vijay Upadhyay, who always makes India proud. He is originally from Lucknow. He is the director of Vienna University Philharmonic and many international orchestras and has founded the India National Youth Orchestra. He is very fond of Indian music and he often conducts Indian music internationally.

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