'Worthless man…', Akmal's apology did not work! Bhajji taught him a lesson again

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Harbhajan Singh called Akmal useless.Bhajji told about the contribution of Sikhs to the country.Akmal has already apologized on this issue.

New Delhi. Even after Pakistani cricketer Kamran Akmal apologized for making derogatory comments against Sikhs during the India-Pakistan match, the controversy does not seem to stop. On this issue, Harbhajan Singh released a fresh video in which he called Akmal useless. He also said that there is no need to talk to such people.

Harbhajan Singh said in an interview to ANI, “This is a very absurd statement and a very childish act which only an 'unworthy' person can do. Kamran Akmal should understand that there is no need to comment or make fun of anyone. I would like to ask Kamran Akmal if he does not know about the history of Sikhs, their identity and the countless contributions made by Sikhs to protect your community, your mothers and sisters. Consult your ancestors and learn how Sikhs attacked the Mughals at midnight to save your mothers and sisters, so stop talking nonsense.”

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Akmal's apology accepted
Indian spinner Bhajji has accepted Akmal's apology. He said, “It is commendable that he realized his mistake immediately and apologized, but he should never try to hurt any Sikh or any religion again. We have great respect for all religions, be it Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism or Christianity…”

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