'Will Samantha take responsibility for the fatal consequences?', Jwala Gutta gets angry over actress' health tips

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Samantha Ruth Prabhu recently posted a health related post in which she talked about the use of hydrogen peroxide to treat viral infection. But due to this Samantha has come under the target of people. While a doctor called Samantha illiterate and advised to send her to jail, now Jwala Gutta, wife of badminton player and Tamil film actor Vishnu Vishal, has targeted Samantha. Jwala Gutta has questioned whether Samantha will take responsibility for the fatal consequences of the treatment method suggested by her? It is known that Samantha Ruth Prabhu had told in a social media post that in case of viral infection, hydrogen peroxide should be mixed with distilled water and used as a nebulizer instead of any medicine. Seeing this post, Dr. AB Phillips targeted her and said that she is illiterate and should be sent to jail. However, Samantha clarified her post and also replied to the doctor.

'Samantha should be sent to jail', the doctor called the actress 'illiterate and uneducated', controversy erupted over this method of treatment

Jwala Gutta's question – Will Samantha take responsibility for this fatal outcome?

Jwala Gutta wrote on x, 'I have only one question for the celebrity who is prescribing medicines to a large number of people and people are following it. I agree that the purpose is to help but just tell me if the prescription doesn't work and there is a fatal outcome, will you take responsibility for it? Will the doctor you tagged also take responsibility?'

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Samantha's clarification – the suggestion was made with good intentions

Samantha Ruth Prabhu had posted on Instagram story a few days ago about the use of hydrogen peroxide nebulizer. On this, Dr. Phillips wrote a long post and reprimanded Samantha and said that its use can prove to be dangerous for health. Samantha posted in response that she had suggested this with good intentions and the doctor who told her this is a medical professional and has been in DRDO for 25 years.

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