Why were there no big scores in the T20 World Cup? 'Universe Boss' told the reason

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Why were there no big scores in the T20 World Cup? 'Universe Boss' told the reason


Chris Gayle said a big thing about drop-in pitches Batsmen were seen struggling in New York in the American leg

Bridgetown (Barbados). Big scores were not made in the matches played in the US leg of the ICC T20 World Cup 2024. Most of the time the bowlers dominated the batsmen. Windies' legendary opener Chris Gayle has blamed the pitches for this. Which could not be fully prepared after 'drop in'. According to the ICC, drop in pitches were used at Nassau County Stadium in New York. These pitches were prepared in Adelaide, Australia and brought to Florida in December 2023. Gayle said that the pitches could not recover from 'jet lag' after the long flight.

'Jet lag' usually means fatigue caused by a long flight or travel. Chris Gayle believed that the New York pitches did not get enough time to prepare after the 'drop in'. These pitches were brought to New York from Florida with the help of trucks. These pitches proved to be one of the most difficult wickets to bat on during the tournament.

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Gayle said in a press conference on Friday, 'There is no doubt that this has been a low-scoring World Cup. And sometimes the wicket also becomes slow. This is a batsman's format… but from time to time the bowlers have got an edge in this tournament. The bowlers have had a lot of control in this T20 World Cup. We would have liked to see better pitches. The pitches in America were like 'jet lag'. After bringing the pitches from Australia, there was no time to adjust to the conditions. That's why we saw some low-scoring matches.'

The former West Indies captain, however, praised the ICC for promoting the game in America. He said, “The ICC has done a great job. It is great that the trophy went to America and then promoted the game by organizing matches there. They have taken cricket to a place where football, basketball and baseball are very popular. They have done a great job in terms of marketing.” Regarding the final match to be played between India and South Africa, he said that the Barbados ground is suitable for batting. Gayle said, “Barbados has proved to be the best place for batsmen in this tournament. Hopefully, batsmen will score runs here in the final.”

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