Why does KCR want to befriend BJP, does BRS need saffron to save the family and party?

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: The shine of K. Chandrashekhar Rao's (KCR) BRS party has faded in the politics of the south. This time BRS was completely wiped out in the Lok Sabha elections. PM Modi had campaigned a lot for BJP in Telangana and attacked BRS and KCR fiercely. The result was that BJP, which was considered weak in the south, has registered a spectacular victory in 8 out of the total 17 Lok Sabha seats in Telangana. 5 years ago i.e. in 2019, KCR's party had won 9 seats and BJP had won 4 seats. But now the politics of Telangana has completely changed. Has the political ground of BRS weakened in Telangana now? Such speculations have increased the political temperature. KCR's party needs crutches to stand again

BRS leaders meet BJP

There is a buzz in political circles that BRS may form an alliance with BJP. There has been no formal announcement of this, but a faction of both BJP and BRS is working to give strength to such speculations. The big thing is that a few days ago, K Chandrashekhar's son and leader KT Rama Rao came to Delhi, it is believed that he met senior BJP leaders. On the other hand, BJP leaders are not saying anything clearly about any such alliance. After the crushing defeat in the recently held Lok Sabha elections, while KCR has fallen ill and is cut off from public relations, BRS leaders are leaving the party one by one. Apart from this, BRS is also afraid of lawsuits against its leaders, because the Congress government of the state is tightening the noose on the leaders of the previous government.

A faction of the BJP itself is opposing this.

According to the Indian Express report, some BJP leaders are trying to take advantage of this political crisis and are also talking about pressuring BRS for merger. However, a section of BJP itself is opposing the possibility of an alliance with BRS and saying that this could be a wrong step for the party. However, amid all this, it is being said that to give shape to these possibilities, former CM Chandrashekhar Rao's son and former state minister KT Rama Rao (KTR) has recently rushed from Hyderabad to Delhi and met some BJP leaders.

KCR in tension with central agencies

KCR's MLA daughter K. Kavitha is currently in the clutches of central agencies. She has been in jail for the last five months in the alleged liquor scam in Delhi and is on the radar of ED. In these circumstances, it is believed that K. Chandrashekhar Rao is considering the option of alliance with BJP. On the one hand, KCR wants to free himself and his family from central investigation agencies by forming an alliance with BJP. On the other hand, he wants to strengthen his political base in Telangana with the help of BJP.

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