Why did PM Modi praise Sudha Murthy in Rajya Sabha, the matter is related to women

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: After the Lok Sabha, today PM Modi replied to the President's address in the Rajya Sabha. During this, the PM attacked the opposition and described the achievements of his government in the last 10 years. In his speech, Modi also mentioned Sudha Murthy, wife of Infosys CEO Narayan Murthy. Sudha Murthy had raised two issues including women's cancer in her speech on Tuesday. For this, PM Modi thanked her in the House today.

For what did the Prime Minister thank Sudha Murthy?
Rajya Sabha MP Sudha Murthy had raised two important issues in her very first speech. Referring to these issues, PM Modi said that in her speech on July 2, she had advocated a government-sponsored vaccination program. Modi said that Sudha ji had talked about the increasing cervical cancer among women and awareness about it in the Rajya Sabha yesterday. I thank her for this.

What did Sudha Murthy say in Rajya Sabha yesterday?
Speaking for the first time in the Rajya Sabha, Sudha Murthy read a famous shloka from Manu Smriti. She said that where women are worshipped and enjoyed, there are gods, but where women are not worshipped, all deeds become fruitless. Explaining its meaning, Sudha Murthy said that where women are respected, divinity flourishes and where women are disrespected, all deeds, no matter how great, become fruitless. Sudha Murthy said that if a mother dies in a family, no compensation is given. PM Modi mentioned this today.

MP Sudha Murthy said that just like the vaccination during the corona period, a vaccination campaign should be run for cervical cancer among women. Murthy further said that the cases of this disease are increasing rapidly among women and to prevent this, arrangements should be made to vaccinate them in adolescence itself.

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