Why did India attend the UN Doha meeting on Afghanistan, where the Taliban was also present?

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Why did India attend the UN Doha meeting on Afghanistan, where the Taliban was also present?

New Delhi : 25 countries including India participated in the third UN conference on Afghanistan in Doha. For the first time, Taliban officials also attended this two-day conference which ended on July 1. The Taliban wants recognition of its rule in Kabul from the international community. But it is not ready to remove restrictions on women's education and employment. The Taliban did not participate in the previous meetings held in May 2023 and February 2024. Human rights organizations have strongly criticized the non-inclusion of Afghan women in this conference. India was represented by JP Singh, Joint Secretary, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran (PAI) Division in the Ministry of External Affairs.

That is why India joined it

India is moving with utmost caution with the Taliban. India is working closely with the Taliban to provide humanitarian assistance and meet its security needs in Afghanistan. But it does not want to do anything that gives the impression that it is moving towards officially recognising the Taliban government in Kabul. The Indian government has also participated in previous rounds of UN talks on the situation in Afghanistan.

Before the UN meeting on Afghanistan, the Taliban thanked India, know why they did so

Steps taken keeping in mind economic and security interests

India believes that as a country adjacent to Afghanistan, it has legitimate economic and security interests. India has invested over $3 billion in Afghanistan. India is currently working on 490 projects in critical sectors such as water, connectivity, agriculture, education and health in all 34 provinces of the country. The purpose of the meeting was not to get recognition for the Taliban but to find ways to improve the lives of the Afghan people.

Special message to Taliban in the meeting

The UN and other countries have tried to convince the Taliban through these talks that human rights and civil rights cannot be an internal matter of the Kabul regime. Afghanistan has signed international treaties on such issues in the past. This is important because the Taliban have been insisting that the international community look beyond the treatment of women and children in Kabul and respond to their efforts to build political and progressive relations.

India attended the UN meeting on Afghanistan, for the first time Taliban representatives also arrived, the United Nations gave clarification

Know what was the focus of the meeting

UN Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs Rosemary DiCarlo said after the meeting that human rights, particularly the rights of Afghan women and girls, and the inclusion of all segments of society will remain integral to all further discussions. She also said that all parties need to build trust in each other. She stressed that the dialogue must be based on honesty and principles, the principles of the UN Charter and various human rights treaties to which Afghanistan is a party.

what did the taliban say

According to the UN, the Taliban listened to the international community's call to include women and civil society in all aspects of public life, even though they did not allow their participation in the Doha talks. According to the Taliban, a major achievement in the meeting was that all countries agreed to support Afghanistan. Restrictions on banking and economic activities were also promised to be lifted.

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