Why did BJP suffer such a big setback in the Lok Sabha elections, are these the 5 reasons?

Ananya Shroff
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Why did BJP suffer such a big setback in the Lok Sabha elections, are these the 5 reasons?

New Delhi: The exit poll results started coming in at around 6:30 pm on June 1, 2024. No one had any idea that BJP and NDA would get such a massive majority in the exit polls. Most exit polls had given more than 350 seats to the NDA. In the results of many exit polls, the NDA was shown touching the figure of 400. Similarly, the election results that came three days later have also surprised everyone. If we look at the counting figures so far, BJP seems to be getting a big setback. BJP is lagging badly in Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Punjab. At the same time, many opposition parties including Congress, Samajwadi Party have made a tremendous comeback. Let us know what are the reasons due to which BJP missed out on getting the seats as expected.

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1- Trust only in Modi Magic

If we look at the election campaign of BJP and its NDA allies in the last two months, one thing is clearly visible that they fought the election only on the face of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In election rallies and meetings, all the big and small leaders of the party were seen avoiding local issues. The entire campaign was based only on the charisma of PM Modi. BJP candidates and workers also could not connect with the public, due to which the party had to suffer. On the other hand, the opposition kept expressing its anger against the government through issues like inflation and unemployment.

2- Dissatisfaction of BJP voters

The results of the Lok Sabha elections also indicate that the BJP had to face the anger of its own voters on many major issues. Issues like Agniveer and paper leak kept working silently against the BJP. The voters got a direct message that what will be the future of their children after serving four years in the army? The BJP could not understand the anger of the youth on the issue of paper leak. The massive protest in Lucknow, UP on the issue of police recruitment exam is a witness to this. Party leaders believed that they could please their supporters and voters only by sloganeering.

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3. Inflation

It cannot be denied that the issue of inflation had a very deep impact on this election. The ever-increasing inflation on everything from petrol-diesel to food items created an atmosphere against the government. The opposition had probably sensed the impact of this issue beforehand, so it made the issue of inflation of gas cylinders and other things that increase the kitchen budget from every platform. Congress MP Rahul Gandhi, blaming the economic policies for the rising inflation, directly attacked Prime Minister Modi several times. On the other hand, BJP leaders and central government ministers were seen only giving assurances on the issue of inflation.

4. Unemployment

The issue of unemployment was an important factor in this 2024 Lok Sabha election. The opposition surrounded the government on every platform and demanded answers on the issue of unemployment. Even the Congress had promised in its manifesto that if its government is formed at the Center, 30 lakh government jobs will be given immediately. It is clear from the election results declared on Tuesday that issues like Ram Mandir, CAA and the announcement of implementing the Uniform Civil Code could not save the BJP from the damage caused by the atmosphere created against unemployment.

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5. Elimination of local resentment

In this election, BJP had to face a lot of resentment at the local level. The resentment over ticket distribution on many seats could not be resolved even till the date of voting. Apart from the workers, opposition from upper caste voters was also seen on some seats. Overall, BJP relied on those issues in this election which were far away from the common people.

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