Why did Amol Parasher, who is dating Konkana Sen, not confirm the relationship? He said – no one is stopping us

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Recently, there were reports that actors Amol Parashar and Konkana Sen Sharma are in a relationship with each other. They have been dating each other for some time. However, neither Amol nor Konkana said anything about this. Even after a lot of efforts, both were seen avoiding answering the news of the relationship. But before the news of dating came, Amol Parashar talked about his relationship status in an interview given to 'ETimes'. It is known that Konkana Sen Sharma married actor Ranveer Shorey in the year 2010, but they got divorced after 10 years. Both have a 13-year-old son, whose name is Haroon.

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Amol Parashar said- no one is stopping me

When Amol Parasher was asked who is stopping him from revealing his relationship status, he said, 'Nobody is stopping me. I just don't find any good reason to reveal it. And real relationships have a kind of sanctity. I think my relationship is genuine. Also, what will I get out of it? It can be used for PR. Even if there is no relationship, we still make it happen.'

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'People should talk about my work'

Amol Parasher further said, 'Earlier also many people and PRs suggested me to run something. But I want people to talk about my work. Even if I express my feelings, I do it through work only. So if I have to share something, I share it through work only. I will share my pain also through work only. But what is the reason for that pain? Other people are also involved in this.'


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“He is happy and so am I, that's enough”

Amol Parasher did not reveal who he is dating, but there is a strong buzz that he is in a relationship with Konkona Sen Sharma. Amol Parasher did not take Konkona's name, but talking about his partner, he said, 'I can share the picture tomorrow after thinking about what to do. It is not that we are losing anything. We are not hiding our relationship from people. We go to parties together and people get to know. But we never felt the need to tell the media like this. It is not that we need it.' Amol Parasher also said that their relationship is very serious and has lasted for a long time.

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