Who will be the new speaker of the 18th Lok Sabha? Everything will be known on June 26, know when the first session of Parliament is starting

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New Delhi: The first parliamentary session of the 18th Lok Sabha will begin on June 24. This session will run till July 3. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Kiren Rijiju said on Wednesday that President Draupadi Murmu will address a joint sitting of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha on June 27. On the same day, PM Narendra Modi will introduce his cabinet colleagues in both the houses of Parliament. On the first day of the session, the Lok Sabha elects a pro tem speaker, who administers oath to all the members. It is said that the swearing-in ceremony will be completed in the first two days of the session. Usually the most senior, experienced or most frequently elected member of the House is elected as the pro tem speaker. The Speaker is elected after the oath-taking ceremony of the members is completed. If the ruling party puts forward the name of a candidate for the post of Speaker and the entire House agrees on his name, then the Speaker is not elected. He is accepted as the Speaker. On June 26, the Lok Sabha will get its new Speaker.

Lok Sabha from 24 June to 27 June
The Lok Sabha will sit from June 24 and the Rajya Sabha from June 27. After the President's address and Prime Minister Modi introducing his cabinet colleagues, both the houses will discuss the motion of thanks on the President's address. At the end of this, the PM will give his reply to this motion in both the houses. It is believed that the session will start with the sharp attitude of the opposition. The opposition is constantly cornering the government over violence and unrest from Manipur to Jammu and Kashmir. It is raising its voice on the NEET issue and unemployment. It is clear from this that after the necessary formalities are completed, the opposition will make a strategy to corner the government.

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Congress raised questions on the intentions of BJP
The issue of Lok Sabha Speaker seems to be getting bigger. However, it is not yet clear in the NDA whether BJP will keep the post of Speaker with itself or give it to one of the two big alliance partners TDP or JDU. The opposition has tried to make it an issue. Congress has sarcastically told BJP that if it does not intend to do any undemocratic work then it should give this post to its ally. This sarcasm was made by former Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot on behalf of Congress. He raised questions on BJP's intentions by making a long post on social media.

Along with this, he also warned the BJP's allies in the government. Citing the data related to the tradition of Speaker election during coalition governments, Gehlot wrote that not only TDP or JDU, but the people of the entire country are eagerly waiting for the election of the Lok Sabha Speaker. Following the coalition dharma, from 1998 to 2004, there were speakers from TDP and Shiv Sena in Atal Bihari Vajpayee's government and from 2004 to 2009, there was a speaker from CPM in the UPA government and the Lok Sabha was run well.

TDP-JDU issued warning
Congress gave advice to TDP-JDU. Gehlot warned BJP allies that they should not forget BJP's conspiracies to topple the government in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Goa, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh and Rajasthan. In many of these states, governments fell and parties broke due to the role of the Speaker. Gehlot said that now if BJP keeps the post of Lok Sabha Speaker, then TDP-JDU should be ready to see the horse-trading of their MPs. To substantiate his point, he reminded Chandrababu Naidu how in 2019, four out of six Rajya Sabha members of his party had joined the BJP. TDP could not do anything.

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