Who was soldier Kamal Ram, who fought the enemies for the freedom of Italy, even the British salute him

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New Delhi: After becoming the Prime Minister of the country for the third time, PM Modi has gone to Italy on his first foreign tour. Italy has had a very deep relationship with India. During the Second World War, more than 50 thousand Indian soldiers helped liberate Italy from Nazi Germany. It can be said that Indians have also shed blood to liberate Italy from Nazi Germany. At that time the British recruited youth in the Indian Army so that they could bravely face the enemies in the war. During that time Sepoy Kamal Ram was also recruited. Today we are going to tell you the story of his bravery. The 4th, 8th and 10th Infantry Divisions were deployed to liberate Italy. Out of these, Sepoy Kamal Ram joined the 8th Punjab Regiment of the Indian Army and his regiment was transported to Italy via Syria. Let us tell you that there were Hindu, Sikh and Muslim youth in this group and everyone was between the ages of 16 and 18. The special thing was that all of them came to join the army voluntarily.

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Kamal Ram was not even afraid of German machine guns

On 12 May 1944, Kamal Ram's regiment attacked the Mustav Line and tried to cross the Gari River. During this, German soldiers spotted them and surrounded them with four machine guns. Now it was necessary to capture this enemy post, so the company commander told other soldiers to capture the enemy front from the right side. After this, Kamal Ram crossed the barbed wire and entered the enemy area and killed a German soldier. After which a machine gun stopped firing and the Indian soldiers got some relief. Meanwhile, another German soldier came to Kamal Ram and started snatching his weapon, he attacked him with the butt of the pistol and killed him too.

After that another German came from behind and attacked Kamal Ram with bullets. Dodging the bullets, Kamal Ram quickly moved towards the second machine gun. From there he saw the enemy's cannon and he destroyed it by throwing a grenade at it. After that his company moved forward and destroyed the third machine gun. In this way he destroyed two machine guns and a cannon. After that when the platoon moved forward, the Germans hiding in the house attacked the soldiers. After which soldier Kamal Ram ran towards that house and killed the Germans hiding there.

The British saluted Kamal Ram's bravery

During that time, 6 Indian soldiers who fought the Germans were awarded the Victoria Cross in Italy. Let us tell you that the Victoria Cross is the highest honor given to soldiers in Britain. One of those 6 Indian soldiers was Sepoy Kamal Ram. Who were those 6 soldiers? Know about them

  • Naik Yashwant Ghadge – 3rd Battalion, 5th Maratha Light Infantry (posthumous)
  • Sepoy Ali Haider – 6th Royal Battalion (Sinde) 13th Frontier Force Rifles
  • Sepoy Namdev Jadhav – 1st Battalion, 5th Maratha Light Infantry
  • Sepoy Kamal Ram – 3rd Battalion, 8th Punjab Regiment
  • Rifleman Thaman Gurung – 1st Battalion, 5th Royal Gurkha Rifles (posthumous)
  • Rifleman Sher Bahadur Thapa – 1st Battalion, 9th Gorkha Rifles (posthumous)

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