Who is Amit Syngle, made Asian Paints a big brand of India; Know total income

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Asian Paints: A Leading Player in the Paint Industry

Asian Paints, a prominent entity in the paint business, has further solidified its market position. This distinguished company operates not only within India but also extends its reach to over 15 countries. Its multifaceted portfolio includes the production, sale, and distribution of paints, coatings, home decor items, and various related services.

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Guiding Asian Paints to Success: Amit Syngle’s Role

At the helm of Asian Paints is Amit Syngle, serving as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Managing Director (MD). His leadership has propelled Asian Paints to new heights of achievement. With an extensive tenure of 29 years within the organization, Amit Singal has traversed various domains such as Sales, Marketing, and Manufacturing. His remarkable journey culminated in his appointment as the CEO and MD on April 1, 2020, for a stipulated three-year term.

A Journey Through Time: Amit Syngle’s Asian Paints Odyssey

Amit Syngle’s journey with Asian Paints commenced in 1999, when he joined the Asian Paints Factory. Situated in Greater Noida and accommodating a workforce of 1000 employees, the factory faced significant challenges that jeopardized its operations. With Amit Syngle’s intervention, a six-month lockout was declared to address these challenges head-on. This resolute step was followed by two years of focused efforts, transforming the factory into a thriving establishment.

Charting the Earnings: Amit Syngle’s Financial Profile

Amit Syngle’s total compensation at Asian Paints presently stands at Rs 18.4 crore. In the preceding year, 2020, his earnings exceeded Rs 10 crore. His annual salary amounts to 40 million rupees. It’s noteworthy that Asian Paints witnessed a remarkable surge in net profit during the June quarter of 2024, with a 52 percent increase compared to the corresponding period in the prior financial year. Moreover, the company accomplished a 24 percent profit increment compared to the immediate preceding quarter.

Global Recognition: Asian Paints’ Market Standing

According to a report by Business Today, the total income surged by 4.49 percent in comparison to the previous quarter and 6.68 percent from the same quarter the preceding year, reaching an impressive figure of Rs 9,182.31 crore. Fortune India’s report positions Asian Paints as one of the world’s top seven companies, boasting a consolidated turnover of Rs 34,489 crore and a substantial market capitalization of approximately Rs 3.4 lakh crore.

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