Where the accident happened, there is a 275 year old temple and 5 amazing places, but don't go there now

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Hathras is a major district of Uttar Pradesh, India. Hathras district was earlier called Mahamaya Nagar district, but due to the incident that happened on 2 July 2024, this district has now turned into a crematorium. Yes, more than 120 people have lost their lives in the stampede during the satsang on 2 July 2024 and the death toll is continuously increasing.

Let us tell you, the history of Hathras is many centuries old. Jats, Kushans, Gupta Empire and Maratha rulers have also ruled here. Apart from this, there are many tourist places here. The gulal color industry in Hathras is about 90 years old. The gulal made here is famous in many countries. Let us know about the famous places of Hathras, where it is not right to go now. (Photo courtesy: hathras.nic.in and presswire18 Times)

Temple of Shri Dauji Maharaj, Hathras

Shri Dauji Maharaj Temple located in Hathras district of Uttar Pradesh is very famous. It is said that every wish of the person who comes here for darshan is fulfilled. Let us tell you, Dauji Maharaj Temple is about 275 years old. Many historical stories are hidden behind this temple. It is said that the British wanted to destroy this temple, they fired cannonballs on this temple, but could not damage the dome of the temple.

If you go to the temple, you will find that even today a British cannonball and the marks of the cannonball are present in the temple. This temple was built by Raja Dayaram in 1775. Every year in the month of Bhadon, the famous Lakkhi fair of Braj is held in the temple, in which people from far and wide participate. This fair is held every year in the month of September. Therefore, our advice to you is that if you are planning to go, then it would not be right to go now. (Photo courtesy: Presswire18 Times)

Maa Kankali Devi Temple Hathras

Hathras is famous for temples. Maa Kankali Devi temple is also present in Hathras. Thousands of devotees come here every year to visit. This temple is located in Mahmoodpur village of Hathras. One gets a lot of peace by coming here. The idol of Maa Kankali Devi is very grand. Let us tell you, many gods and goddesses are seated in this temple. Here you get to see Hanuman ji, Shiv Shankar ji, Mata Sita and Ram ji, Maa Sheetla Devi ji.

Hassan Shah Bilali Dargah Hathras

Hassan Shah Bilali Dargah Hathras

While there are many temples in Hathras, on the other hand there is also a famous dargah here. Here you will get to see Hasan Shah Bilali Dargah, which is a major attraction of Hathras. This dargah belongs to Sufi saint Hasan Shah Bilali ji. After coming to the dargah, you will get peace of mind here. During Eid, the beauty of this dargah is different. Every day thousands of people come here to pray. There is also a very good food and drink market around the dargah.

Mursan Fort

Mursan Fort

If you are fond of visiting ancient forts, then you can visit Mursan Fort once, it is also one of the famous forts of Hathras. This fort is located in Mursan Tehsil in Hathras district. This fort was built by Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh. This place is good for those interested in history. Here you will be able to know closely about the structure of the fort and its history.

Mangalayatan Tirthdham Hathras

Mangalayatan Tirthdham Hathras

Mangalayatan Tirthdham is definitely counted among the famous tourist places of Hathras. Here you will get to see the temple of Lord Adinath ji. This pilgrimage site is a Jain religious place. You will get to see many temples at this place spread over an area of ​​​​about 16 acres. There is a complete facility for roaming here. Let us tell you, some temples here are made of white marble.

Let us tell you, Shri Chaubey Wale Mahadev Mandir in Hathras is an ancient and famous temple of Hathras. This temple is very close to the highway road in Hathras. In this temple, you will get to see Shivling in the sanctum sanctorum. The idol of Shivling is very beautiful and captivating. It is believed that the sorrows and pains of every person who comes here are reduced. (Photo courtesy: hathras.nic.in)

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