Where do the actresses bend their bodies, some do pigeon pose and some do boat pose

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Today, on 21st June, the whole world is celebrating International Yoga Day. Bollywood celebrities may sweat for hours in the gym to keep themselves fit, but the truth is that yoga has a special significance in their lives. From Malaika Arora to Shilpa Shetty, many film actresses have kept their bodies fit, slim and trim with this yoga. Apart from going to the gym, they take out special time for yoga every day so that they can keep themselves fit not only physically but also mentally. Come, let's know about the favorite yoga of Bollywood stars. It is said that yoga is not just an exercise but also a discipline. Whenever it comes to yoga, the names of actresses like Malaika Arora and Shilpa Shetty come first. They do yoga not only for fitness but also for glowing skin and mental peace.

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Shilpa Shetty's favourite yoga pose

Shilpa Shetty is said to have been practicing yoga since the age of 18. In fact, she started it when she was suffering from chronic spondylitis, but today she is considered the fittest actress. This yoga helps her to remain flexible. She is said to do yoga three times a week and her favorite asanas include yoga like Bhujangasana, Vakrasana, Naukasana and Adhomukha Shavasana.

Kareena Kapoor does yoga for one and a half hours every day

Kareena Kapoor has told that yoga has helped her a lot in losing weight after pregnancy. In an interview, Kareena has told that she does yoga every day. She said that yoga changed her life. She told that she does yoga for one and a half hours every day which keeps her active. Kareena also said that the day she misses yoga, she feels that her day was not good and she did not complete any work that she had to do.

Malaika's favourite is easy

When it comes to yoga, how can we forget Malaika Arora. Malaika looks very fit and glamorous even at this age. She always shares glimpses of yoga on her social media account. Malaika's favorite asanas are Suryanamaskar, Dhanushasana, Padmasana. She says that Suryanamaskar makes her skin glow as it helps in improving blood circulation inside the body.

Which asana does Alia Bhatt like?

Alia Bhatt is also not unaware of the benefits of yoga. She also resorted to yoga to reduce the weight gained during pregnancy. Apart from exercising daily, Alia also spends time in yoga to keep the body fit and strong from within. Her trainer Anshuka Parwani also told in an interview to Vogue that Alia's favorite position is Kapotasana i.e. pigeon pose.

Kangana Ranaut's favourite yoga postures

Kangana Ranaut rarely shares pictures and videos related to yoga on social media. However, it is said that she has been doing yoga since childhood to maintain mental peace and avoid physical problems. It is said that Chakrasana, Naukasana, Padmasana and Shirshasana are among her favorite asanas.

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