When we consider men and women equal in our thinking, then change will come – Tripti Dimri

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For Tripti Dimri, who has garnered praise for her acting in projects like 'Laila Majnu', 'Bulbul' and 'Kala' in Bollywood and OTT, the tremendous success of 'Animal' undoubtedly proved to be a turning point. Her bold role made her a national crush overnight. Now she will be seen in a comic role in 'Bad News'. A special meeting with Tripti Dimri, in which she talked about her career and many aspects.

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Whether it is your film 'Laila Majnu' or series like 'Bulbul' and 'Kala', your acting has always been appreciated, but do you find it ironic that you gained fame from the bold role of 'Animal'? After that you became a national crush.

-The plus point of 'Animal' was that it reached a large number of audiences, so it was natural for it to get fame. Unfortunately 'Bulbul' and 'Kaala' could only reach a limited audience, so it did not get that kind of fame. Although those OTTs also have their own audience. But my acting in 'Animal' was also praised. The only thing is that when you come on the big screen, it is a different matter altogether. The more people go to see it, the more people celebrate it. The other quality of 'Animal' was that countless people saw it and liked the film. The plus point for me was that after years of 'Laila Majnu', one of my films came to the theater. Then in 'Bulbul' and 'Kaala', I proved my acting prowess and now people felt that I can do this as well, I can do that as well. See, popularity feels good, no matter at what level it is received. I celebrate the title of National Crush like other things in life.

Photo: Tripti Dimri Instagram

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The entertainment industry is generally accused of objectifying women, how do you view this objectification?

-On this issue, I would say that we fight a lot for women's equality, but first of all we have to see women and men as equal in our thinking. Like we talk about pay inequality or pay parity. Unless a boy and a girl are equal in your thinking, how will you consider them equal? ​​This inequality starts from home itself. Only when there is equality in thinking, will these things change. It is important to understand that both are human beings.

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How much did a blockbuster film like 'Animal' change your life?

-A lot changed after 'Animal'. When 'Animal' was released, I was shooting in Bhopal. But then suddenly the way reactions started coming, the stir started on social media, I thought, what happened? But the truth is that it feels good when you get recognition. My parents are very happy when someone asks to take a photo with them. I also feel very good. After all, you work so hard for this love and acceptance.


Photo: Tripti Dimri Instagram

Did you ever experience self-doubt as a teenager?

-I think every girl goes through this phase at some point. In my teens, I too had a lot of self-doubts and insecurities. I was told that I had a big forehead. My hair was very curly in childhood, so I was teased as Maggie Maggie. Then I was always busy straightening my hair. It takes time to accept yourself, but once you do, it doesn't matter.

Who was your first crush?

-My first crush was Shahrukh Khan. My father was very fond of watching movies and whenever he watched a Shahrukh Khan movie, I used to sit on the sidelines and watch. I liked his acting, dance, everything. The kind of cinema he does is my favourite. I have seen many of his films and now when I had to do 'Bad News', to get into the comic genre, I watched many comic films of the 90s, including Shahrukh Khan's films.

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In your upcoming film 'Bad Newz', your pregnant character Saloni is confused about who is the father of her child, Amy Virk or Vicky Kaushal? What if this happens to you in real life?

-No, no (laughs loudly) This should never happen. But I would like to tell you that there have been 17 such cases in the world. This is really a very serious situation that if this happens to anyone in the world, who knows how he will come out of this situation? Well, we have tried to use it in the comedy space. When the audience watches the film, they will understand how these three come out of those situations? In our film, you will also get to see small lessons of life.

What could be 'bad news' for you and what is the biggest bad news you have ever heard?

-There can be many kinds of bad news for me. Like I have two cats. I love them very much. I am on a shoot or out and if I get news that they are sick or something has happened to them, it is very bad news for me. I was very close to my grandfather and when he passed away, it was the worst news for me. I have not yet recovered from that incident.

Now that you have over 5 million followers on Instagram, does it ever get difficult to manage social media?

– When we become actors, we want our film to be watched by as many people as possible. If we get love, it feels good to be famous on social media. Initially, I used to spend a lot of time on social media. But now I have reduced my screen time. But for us, social media is an important part of our profession.

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