When the speaker stands up… Om Birla gave advice to the MPs on the very first day

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: As soon as he took over as the Speaker of the Lok Sabha, Om Birla gave a special advice to the members present in the House. He first calmed down the MPs. After this, Om Birla said that Honorable Members, I want to inform all of you that when the Speaker stands up from his seat, I want to say that all of you MPs should sit down immediately. I am saying for the first time that I should not get the opportunity to say five years. Om Birla said this as advice to the newly elected MP in a very strict tone.

Om Birla elected speaker for the second time

Om Birla has been elected the Speaker of the Lok Sabha for the second consecutive time. On this responsibility, he said that I thank Prime Minister Modi, all the members of the House for giving me the opportunity to discharge my responsibilities as the Speaker of the House again. I am also grateful to everyone for showing faith in me. He further said that this 18th Lok Sabha is the biggest celebration of democracy in the world. Despite other challenges, more than 64 crore voters participated in the elections with full enthusiasm. On behalf of the House, I express my gratitude to them and the people of the country.

Speaker advised the MPs

Om Birla praised the Election Commission for successfully conducting the Lok Sabha elections 2024. He said that the NDA government has been formed for the third consecutive time under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi. The hopes, expectations and aspirations of the people have increased in the last decade. Therefore, it is our responsibility to make collective efforts to effectively fulfill their hopes and aspirations. While speaking, Om Birla gave a special advice to the Lok Sabha MPs.

A very special picture was seen in the Lok Sabha when Om Birla was elected Speaker, PM Modi and Rahul were seen together

Om Birla said- I should not get a chance to say 5 years

Om Birla said that honourable members, when the speaker stands up from his seat, I want to tell the honourable members to sit down. I am saying this for the first time. I should not get a chance to say this for five years.

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