When Sushant Singh Rajput's clothes spoke more than him, he used to hide many secrets in his T-shirt

Ananya Shroff
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message of brotherhood

Sushant did not have many friends in the industry, but whatever friends he had, they were close to his heart and in such a situation this T-shirt gives the message of brotherhood. Brotherhood was written on its front, while on the back it was written, I have a brother on my left and right. If we stay together, we will be able to fight every difficulty together.

Refusal to take photo

When Sushant wore a 'No Photos Allowed' T-shirt, he meant that no one should take his pictures. But despite this, he was captured by the paparazzi cameras talking on the phone in this black T-shirt.

signs of love life

Everyone is aware of Sushant's love life. His relationships are often in the headlines. In such a situation, his blue full sleeves T-shirt on which Hate Love You is written also points towards this. The message written on it and the actor's style are quite cool.

Single but happy

Sushant was in a relationship for a long time and then became single. With the words 'Comfortably Single' written on this T-shirt, he was seen giving a message to everyone about his being single and he also showed that he was happy alone at that time of his life.

Sushant had many dreams which he wanted to fulfill. For this, he had also made his dream list. Here his green T-shirt is also saying the same thing. On which Dreamer is written in a blue box.

Sushant is in search of the truth

It is written on Sushant's T-shirt that the truth will set you free. The actor also adopted this idea. He was a fighter and always supported the truth. Apart from this, he also used to wear T-shirts with very cool slogans, which looked very good. Like this black T-shirt of his.

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