When Saba Azad, Anushka and Deepika were judged on the basis of their partners, women's career is not dependent on anyone

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Actor-singer and superstar Hrithik Roshan's girlfriend Saba Azad's post was in the news recently, in which she revealed that she stopped getting voice over work due to her relationship with Hrithik. This is because the industry itself had decided that girlfriends of superstars like Hrithik will not do voice over work. This truth was shocking for Saba that what kind of conservative era we are living in, where a girl's career is being judged on the basis of her partner's status.

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Expressing surprise, Saba wrote that a woman being in a relationship with a successful man does not mean that her own identity, work, career is not important. But what to do Saba, this patriarchal thinking is the harsh reality of our society. In a society where for a long time a woman has been only a father's daughter, husband's wife and son's mother, it is still not easy to accept that these are today's women, their identity and profession do not depend on their husband or partner.

My partner doesn't decide my existence

Saba, who has not been getting any voice over work for the last two years after dating Hrithik, expressed her grief and wrote, 'It is very unfortunate that even today we are living in the same dark age, where we assume that if a woman is in a relationship with a successful man, she does not need to earn her bread or pay her bills. She does not need to take pride in her work or take care of herself and her family. What kind of archaic mindset is this?' Saba also taught people with such backward thinking to wake up. Times have changed, when two strong, self-reliant people come into a relationship, they do not need to give up their identity, life and career. They maintain their personality but the world does not understand this? Especially in the case of women. For them, a woman's existence cannot be separate from the man. They think that the man is the head, so the decisions related to the woman's career are at her will. That is why women are often told, “Oh, your husband has allowed for late night shifts? He has allowed you to go out?” They do not understand that in a relationship, husband and wife are equals, not masters or subordinates.

Made fun of Deepika-Anushka's hard work

Not only this, it is the nature of the world to underestimate a woman in a relationship, even if she is more capable or successful than her husband or partner. Successful actresses like Deepika Padukone and Anushka Sharma have also fallen prey to this. When Deepika herself became a producer with the film 'Chhapaak', a male chauvinist journalist very casually said that her husband Ranveer Singh also became its producer because the family's money is invested in it. On this, Deepika openly rebuked the journalist that who gave you this knowledge. This is my own money. It is my hard work. Similarly, when the news spread that Anushka Sharma, who became the youngest female producer of the industry with a successful film like 'NH 10', has her second film 'Phillauri' funded by her then boyfriend and now husband Virat Kohli, Anushka also wrote a long post and lashed out at those who spread such rumours.

'They are making fun of my hard work, due to which I have reached here'

Anushka wrote, 'By making such false claims, you are not only insulting me but also making fun of my hard work, due to which I have reached here. I have the ability to make my own films. Maybe it is difficult for you to believe that a girl can stand on her feet and do something meaningful in her life.' Right, our male-dominated society could not digest the fact that such a young girl became a producer, so they found a man's shoulder to give credit. Leave aside business, an uncle asked the female journalist what does your husband do? The woman said – he is a writer. To this the uncle immediately said – then he must be writing half of your news? The female journalist was stunned – Hello, I got married 5 years ago, I have been a journalist for 12 years. Why would my husband write my articles? And how did you think that he writes better than me? Maybe I write his stories but no, it is common for us to make fun of women's hard work. Whereas, it is important that people change their thinking and learn to respect women and appreciate their skills.

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