When martyr Captain Anshuman Singh's wife was awarded the Kirti Chakra, everyone's eyes became moist

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New Delhi: President Draupadi Murmu on Friday awarded Kirti Chakra to 10 soldiers of the army and other security forces for their bravery. Out of these, 7 soldiers were awarded posthumously. During this, Captain Anshuman Singh was also awarded Kirti Chakra posthumously. Captain Anshuman Singh's wife Smriti accepted this honor. During this, she was very emotional, but with great courage she somehow stopped the flood of tears. Whoever saw this scene, could not stop his eyes from getting moist. Seeing the courage and passion of Anshuman Singh's wife, everyone started remembering the martyrdom of the martyr.

Captain Anshuman Singh was martyred last year
Captain Anshuman Singh was a resident of Deoria in UP. On 19 July 2023, Anshuman Singh made the supreme sacrifice for the country at the Siachen Glacier, located at an altitude of 17 thousand feet. He was the Captain of the 26th Battalion of the Punjab Regiment. He was martyred while saving the lives of his comrades in Siachen. Captain Anshuman saved the lives of four of his soldiers. He himself was martyred while saving his soldiers. In view of his bravery and martyrdom, the government has honored him with the Kirti Chakra posthumously. On Friday, President Draupadi Murmu gave this honor to Captain Anshuman Singh's wife Smriti and mother Manju Singh.

honoured by the President
When Captain Anshuman Singh was being honored at Rashtrapati Bhavan, his wife stood with full courage and passion. Both pride and sorrow were visible on her face. Seeing Smriti's passion and enthusiasm, everyone was saluting her. Smriti said that this moment was very emotional for her.

Last year when Captain Anshuman was martyred and his body was brought to Deoria, his wife Shrishti gave him a courageous farewell. After the guard of honour, Shrishti reached her husband's body. She kissed her husband's forehead for the last time and said, 'My hero, I am proud of your martyrdom. I salute you from my heart, you have protected Mother India.' After this she could not stop her tears. Slogans of Bharat Mata Ki Jai were being raised everywhere.

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