When Khalistanis threw a bomb on the plane, 329 people died, the story of the Kanishka accident

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New Delhi: 23 June 1985… the date when Khalistanis targeted Air India's plane. 329 people died in this plane crash, 268 of those who died were Canadian citizens. This was the deadliest terrorist attack in aviation history. Khalistani terrorists attacked the plane to take revenge for Operation Blue Star. Even after 39 years of the attack, Canadian police have not been able to investigate this accident. Canadian police have said that the investigation of the bomb blast in Air India flight number-182 is still going on. This is one of the longest and most complex investigations of terrorist attacks. How did this terrorist attack happen? Let us tell you.

All 329 passengers died in the accident

The Kanishka plane crash occurred on 23 June 1985. Air India's Boeing 747 aircraft 'Kanishka' was flying from Montreal to New Delhi when it crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Ireland. This accident is known as the 'Kanishka plane crash'. All 329 people on board the plane died in this accident, including 307 passengers and 22 crew members. These included 268 Canadian citizens, 27 British citizens and 24 Indian citizens.

pieces of the plane flew into the air

The Air India plane took off from Montreal and after stopping at London's Heathrow Airport, left for Delhi. About four hours after taking off from London, the plane contacted the air control for the last time at an altitude of 31,000 feet. Five minutes later, the plane disappeared from the radar and due to the bomb explosion, the debris of the plane fell into the Atlantic Ocean. The explosion was so terrible that the plane broke into pieces in the air and all the passengers died a painful death.

Khalistani terrorists are behind the attack

Investigation into the incident revealed that the bomb was placed in the plane by the Khalistani group Babar Khalsa. Pro-Khalistan terrorists carried out this attack and their motive behind this was to take revenge from the Indian government. After this incident, relations between Canada and India became tense. Investigation into this incident is still going on. Canadian police and officials caught many accused in this case, but due to delay in judicial process and lack of evidence, complete justice has not been achieved yet. Many flaws have also come to light in the investigation and hearing of this accident.

The largest air attack in the history of the world

This incident was the biggest terrorist attack in the history of Canada and the deadliest aviation accident in the history of Air India. It not only raised new questions on aviation safety but also opened a new chapter in the global fight against terrorism. This incident made the world realize how big a threat terrorism can be and the need to take strict measures against it.

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