When Isha Ambani became Sasha, the reality came out, the billionaire's daughter herself revealed the fake look

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Nita Ambani's daughter Isha Ambani, who always attracts everyone's attention with her looks, has surprised everyone this time with her latest photoshoot, especially with her hairstyle. Actually, an interview of Isha is in the news, in which she told that her twins were born through IVF. In this interview, Isha talked about her natural hair.

Who likes curly and tangled hair? Isha also did not like her natural hair very much. She indirectly blamed the beauty norms of the society for this.

Isha said during the interview, 'We never celebrated our curly and tangled hair.' But the latest photoshoot took her out of her comfort zone in such a way that even Nita Ambani's daughter became a fan of her natural hair. (Photo courtesy: Instagram: @anaitashroffadajania)

Isha was spotted in a stunning hairstyle

Isha was seen in a curly quiff hairstyle in the latest photoshoot. She has never been seen in such a hairstyle till date. This is why Isha called this photoshoot out of her comfort zone and gave full credit to her stylist Law Roach. Who created her new personality Sasha to take Isha out of her comfort zone. (Photo courtesy: Instagram: @luxurylaw)

Isha's natural hair was very curly

Talking about her curly hair, Esha said in the interview, 'My natural hair was like that for a long time, and it grew like that. I don't think we ever celebrated our curly, thick and tangled hair. The way my hair was set for the shoot reminded me of my school days, when we were always told to apply oil on our hair and comb it so that it stays set.' (Photo courtesy: Yogen Shah)

Isha Ambani did this curly hairstyle

Isha came out of her comfort zone

Isha came out of her comfort zone

Esha said that her stylist Law Roach invented Sasha to show her different personality. 'He really wanted me to come out of my comfort zone, for which we also did method acting.'

Ambani's daughter, who always used to worry about her frizzy and tangled hair, adopted the same look for her hair in this shoot as well. And everyone is praising the amazing results in the pictures.

isha photoshoot

The journey from curly hair to blow dryer

The journey from curly hair to blow dryer

Isha's curly hair for the latest shoot was the magic of stylist Law, which ended after just a week. When you see Isha today, her silky and smooth hair will seem to be missing.

Talking about her journey from frizzy and tangled hair to blow dryer, Isha said that we need to be comfortable with ourselves.

What she said was that we should embrace our natural beauty instead of getting caught up in the world of trends or looks. (Photo courtesy: Yogen Shah, @vardannayak)

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