When Aishwarya Rai taught Abhishek Bachchan a lesson with her words, a wife should be like this

Ananya Shroff
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Abhishek started feeling scared and restless inside

Abhishek had told in an interview that when he was infected with the virus during the Covid pandemic, it took him almost a month to recover in the hospital.

After coming home, he started worrying that all the projects were closed and he was not earning any money. This fear started growing inside him and started dominating his mind, which later started showing in his behavior as well.

Aishwarya gave a lesson

Seeing Abhishek's condition, Aishwarya said some very harsh things to him, which taught Abhishek a big lesson. According to Junior Bachchan, Ash told him why he is so worried, when he should be thankful that even in such challenging times, his family is happy, safe and healthy. All his loved ones are close to him.

The actress also made Abhishek realise how other people are going through a lot of difficulties because they don't have these things.

Abhishek admitted in the interview that after hearing these words from his wife, his thinking changed and he realised how lucky he really is.

Everybody should get a wife like this

Everybody should get a wife like this

To be honest, everyone should get such a wife. The biggest reason for this is that sometimes a person can come out of negative thinking only after hearing the bitter truth.

Aishwarya didn't say anything derogatory, she just made Abhishek realise that instead of being grateful for what he doesn't have, he should be grateful for what he has. And honestly, this feeling is very important to be happy.

A wife who provides strong emotional support

A wife who provides strong emotional support

Usually boys are not brought up in such a way that they can show their weak side to anyone. In such a situation, when they get a wife who understands their feelings and becomes their strong emotional support system, then nothing can be better than this.

This helps them break down the walls they have built around their hearts. Due to which they start sharing their feelings openly. When this happens, things start taking a more positive turn.

This has an effect on the bond

This has an effect on the bond

When a better emotional bond is formed, the relationship between the couple also becomes stronger. This prevents them from breaking up even in the most difficult times. Rather, they face every challenge by supporting each other and fill their married life with happiness.

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