What is Uttar Pradesh, why is BJP angry on this post of Shashi Tharoor?

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: In the paper leak case, Congress MP and former Union Minister Shashi Tharoor has shared a meme taking a dig at UP. BJP has criticized this post made by Shashi Tharoor to take a dig at the paper leak. Tharoor shared a viral post in which a question was asked that what is Uttar Pradesh? In response, it is written that the state whose answer is known before the exam is called Uttar Pradesh. BJP has called this post of Shashi Tharoor an insult to the people of Uttar Pradesh.

Reacting to Tharoor's post, Union Minister Jitin Prasada wrote, “I see no humor in insulting my state and its people with such reprehensible comments. Such insult to UP is reprehensible and should be strongly condemned.” BJP spokesperson CR Kesavan said that Tharoor has done this before as well. He had mocked the traditional dress of the people of the Northeast.
CR Kesavan said it was inexcusable and unpardonable to downplay a serious issue by calling UP a state of cheaters. He said using fancy words in English does not necessarily make one civilised and dignified. Former Union minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar, who lost against Shashi Tharoor from Thiruvananthapuram in the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections, said shameless politics of shaming Indians – that is the Congress way.
UP minister AK Sharma, while replying to Shashi Tharoor, said that Congress has again started insulting UP as usual. Congress did not even thank the people of the state who gave life to Congress in UP and on the contrary, Congress is now insulting them. Tharoor's sarcasm is a grave insult to the entire state and the countrymen.

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