What is this! As soon as Team India won, Jabalpur police came on the road, then such a scene was seen

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What is this! As soon as Team India won, Jabalpur police came on the road, then such a scene was seen

Jabalpur: Since 2011, everyone was expecting the Indian team to win the World Cup. But on Saturday night, that moment finally arrived… when India won the World Cup and waved its tricolour all over the world. On one hand, while the entire country was immersed in celebrations till late night, the celebration of victory in Sanskardhani continued till 3 am.

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Due to the continuous crowd and rally at the intersections and crossroads, the police had to take charge. After the celebration of India's victory, on one side people were celebrating by bursting crackers. On the other side, Jabalpur police was controlling the crowd. Somewhere everyone was surprised to see this scene that perhaps this was the first time when the public became uncontrollable after seeing the happiness of the Sanskardhani and the police was unable to do anything. Hence, the police also had to kneel before the happiness of the Sanskardhani.

Silence for half an hour, then thousands of people on the road
Half an hour before India's victory, there was silence at Jabalpur's famous Malviya Chowk. Watching the match, shopkeepers felt that their hopes would be dashed. Due to which the shopkeepers closed their shops. But what happened half an hour later at Malviya Chowk, Kamaniya, Phuhara and Gaurighat happened for the first time in the history of Sanskardhani. Where late at night people suddenly came out of their homes and gathered in thousands. Not only the youth but also the elderly and women were included in this. These were the only words on everyone's lips. Wave, wave, wave the flag of Sarfaashi…

There was a lot of fireworks, it seemed like it was Diwali
People celebrated by bursting crackers at Malviya Chowk, Bada Chowk, Kamaniya Gate, Gaurighat in Jabalpur city. Looking at the celebrations, it seemed as if Diwali was being celebrated somewhere in the city. There were some people who had brought the World Cup with them. Some people reached the Chowk with the speakers kept in their homes and celebrated this victory with their families.

Miller handed over the World Cup to Surya Kumar
People said that there were three turning points in the match where Virat Kohli put India in a strong position and Hardik Pandya raised hopes again by dismissing Klassen. The rest of the work was done by Boom Boom Bumrah. After this, David Miller handed over the World Cup to Suryakumar Yadav before leaving. People said that this victory is a historic victory. We have snatched victory from Australia… We Indians will make the world dance to our tunes.

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