What is Gen Z's concept of CCD? A new word added to relationships

Ananya Shroff
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Today so many words have been added to relationships that it has become difficult to remember them. Somewhere someone is adopting the benching formula and somewhere someone is riding the boat of situationship. Another concept has been added to the changing definition of relationships, which is called CCD. Although every day a new word keeps getting added to relationships, but this one is a little different from the rest.

Today in this article we are going to tell you about the new relationship concept of Gen Z. Knowing about which you will be surprised in the same way as you were surprised to know about words like benching, breadcrumbing and ghosting. Let us know in this article how this CCD of Jain ji defines the relationship.

Generation Z's definition of love

There was a time when people used to spend their lives waiting for someone and loving someone, but today everything has changed. Now people are ready to get into a relationship, but shy away from making a lifelong promise.

It has become common in today's generation that even while being in a relationship with someone, they start carrying a backup for themselves, which is used when the previous relationship ends.

The first C stands for cuffing

It is a relationship term that defines a season. It is a relationship that involves people who are single and want to be with someone for a while.

It can also be described as getting into a relationship to get your needs fulfilled and share your emotions and then getting out of it or breaking it after getting your benefits. This concept is known as 'cuffing season'. It is a temporary relationship.

The second C defines cushioning

The second C defines cushioning

The word cushioning is derived from the word cushion, which means mattress. It means a person who is used for someone's comfort. In this relationship, boys and girls keep a backup plan for themselves even while being in a relationship. People use such a person when their own relationship is not going well or is on the verge of breaking up.

DINK is also a new concept

DINK is also a new concept

DINK stands for 'Double Income, No Kids', that is, a relationship in which both partners earn money but decide by mutual consent not to have children. Such people have a more flexible lifestyle and financial freedom than couples who have children.

How CCD affects relationships

How CCD affects relationships

These concepts work to weaken any relationship. If you are in a relationship with someone and still keep in touch with someone else, then this weakens your relationship.

In such a situation, when your partner is not with you and is unable to support you for some reason, instead of understanding him, you go to the person kept as a backup. Due to this, feelings start changing from one person to another. So, be loyal to whoever you are in a relationship with and take your relationship to a good level.

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