What is dilation during pregnancy? Due to which Mira Rajput could have lost her first child

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Shahid Kapoor's wife Mira Rajput is known as a strong mother. A few months after marriage, the news of Mira's first pregnancy came and there was a lot of discussion about it. People said that what was the need to have a child at such a young age and so soon after marriage. Although everyone knows about this, but very few people know that Mira was about to have a miscarriage during her first pregnancy.

In this article, we are going to tell you what exactly happened to Mira Rajput during her first pregnancy due to which she had to face miscarriage.

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there were difficulties with the first pregnancy

Mira told Prakhar Gupta on his podcast that she had to face a lot of difficulties during her first pregnancy with Misha. Mira told that when she was four months pregnant, her dilation started. This was a very difficult time for her.

I thought I was pretty healthy

In the show, Meera told that at that time she was only 20 or 21 years old and it seemed that she was quite fit and healthy and she would not have any problem in having children. Meera told that when she was four months pregnant, she was about to have a miscarriage. When she went to the doctor, the doctor asked Meera to lie down immediately. Know further what happened to Meera and how she was able to save her pregnancy.

The child could get lost at any moment

The child could get lost at any moment

Mira said that her stomach had expanded a lot and the doctor had told her that she could lose her baby anytime. Mira had to rest on bed for two and a half months. Then Shahid converted her room into a hospital room. This was also affecting my mental health. After all this, Mira gave birth to her daughter Misha.

What is dilation in pregnancy

What is dilation in pregnancy

American Pregnancy Association According to Dr AK Singh, 'Dilation occurs when the pregnant woman's body prepares itself for labour and delivery.' Dilation means the opening of the cervix. The baby comes out only when it opens. When the cervix has dilated 4 cm, an epidural can be given. When it has dilated 10 cm, the baby is ready to come out.

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What is dispersion

What is dispersion

When the cervix opens it is called dilation and its opening is measured in centimeters. Dilation before the ninth month can prove dangerous for the baby.

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