What is civil marriage? Like Sonakshi Sinha, you too can get married without any show-off in these ways

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On June 23, Sonakshi Sinha started a new relationship with her boyfriend Zaheer Iqbal, in which the couple took blessings from their parents as well as each other's parents. But let us tell you that Sona did not get married according to common customs, but had a civil marriage.

You all must have heard about marriages performed with customs and traditions, but civil marriage is quite different from this. Also, today we have brought this article for you to tell you about this marriage. In which we will tell you what is this civil marriage and if you want to avoid the expenses incurred in marriage, then in what other ways can you get married.

Sonakshi did a civil marriage

On June 23, Sonakshi Sinha married her boyfriend Zaheer Iqbal. Sona shared the news of her marriage through a post on Instagram in which she wrote that she has done a civil marriage. In such a situation, many questions must have come to your mind that what is this civil marriage? Let us tell you about this type of marriage.

What is a civil marriage?

There are many ways to get married, one of which is a civil marriage. This is a legal marriage with a marriage officer. This can be anyone, such as a registrar, a justice of the peace or a religious leader. Civil marriages can be performed between people from the same or different region, gender and caste.

Let us tell you that there are some steps to get this marriage done, in which first of all all the documents of the boy and the girl are submitted. Then all the papers are verified and the date of marriage is fixed. Finally the marriage officer gives the marriage certificate in the presence of the couple and some witnesses.

Like Sonakshi, small wedding, big reception

Like Sonakshi, small wedding, big reception

Sonakshi is married into a Muslim family, which is why the actress and Zaheer decided to have a civil marriage instead of getting married in two different ways, Hindu and Muslim. The wedding was attended by her family members, Zaheer's family and some special guests.

A small wedding and then a grand reception party, this way of getting married is definitely a little different but it is a good way to save the expenses incurred in the wedding. Although not much, but this trend is increasing among the common people as well in which the boy and the girl are getting married in a simple way with their family and then having a separate party for friends and relatives.

Wedding in the temple

Wedding in the temple

For people who love each other, the method of marriage does not matter, but the companionship of their life partner matters. This is also one of the reasons why nowadays the trend of getting married in a temple, Dharamshala or Arya Samaj temple has increased a lot.

In this you only have to make arrangements for food and seating, the advantage of which is that if you have less money then you can have a good wedding with that money and the bride and groom will also get God's blessings.

Benefits of Simple Marriage

Benefits of Simple Marriage

When you marry in this manner or with simplicity according to your customs and rituals, you get to see many benefits of it. Like-

  • The expenses incurred in marriage are saved.
  • Guest transactions and expenses are also reduced.
  • The more people there are at a wedding, the more people will talk, so you can also avoid what people say.
  • In this, if you want, you can get married in a temple, you can also do a court marriage and like Sonakshi, you can also do a civil marriage.

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