What is 'body count'? Father was left speechless when daughter told the number

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Nowadays you will find many such words, which may not sound wrong, but their meaning is very negative. One of these words is 'body count'. You must have heard many boys and girls asking each other about their body count.
But do you know what this word 'body count' actually means? Today we are going to give you information on this topic related to relationships. Along with this, we are also going to tell you about a podcast in which when a girl told the number of body count in front of her father, his mouth remained open.

What is the body count?

Let us tell you that this term is used to count how many times a person has had sexual relations and secrets with many people. In simple words, the number of times someone has spent the night or shared a bed for sexual needs is called body count. It can be more or even zero for someone.

The daughter told the number of dead bodies

A YouTube channel named 'Whatever Clips' did a podcast in which a girl and her father were invited. During the conversation, when the girl was asked what her body count was, she hesitated a bit. When her father asked if she could tell, she replied 8. Her father was left speechless after hearing his daughter's body count as 8.

The father was shocked to hear the number of his daughter's bodies

Why do people count bodies?

Why do people count bodies?

The exact reasons cannot be explained, but these are some of the reasons why people maintain or increase the number of cells in the body.

  • Some people may be interested in knowing their own and other person's sexual power and hence they make relationship with them.
  • There are many people who consider it a matter of pride and do this to increase their body count and make themselves look courageous.
  • Sometimes the pressure to form a relationship with someone can also come from peer pressure, in which a person's courage is assessed.

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