What happened when both of them burst out laughing… when Chirag Paswan and Kangana met in Parliament, watch the video

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: Kangana Ranaut is in the headlines before and after winning the Lok Sabha elections. She has reached Parliament after winning from Mandi seat of Himachal. Now she is a Lok Sabha member. On Wednesday, the election for the Lok Sabha Speaker was held and all the MPs reached the Lok Sabha. When BJP MP Kangana Ranaut reached the Lok Sabha, the media cameras turned towards her. During this, Union Minister Chirag Paswan was also seen. Both were seen laughing and clapping at something. Chirag Paswan and Kangana Ranaut have previously worked together in a film.

When Kangana and Chirag reached Parliament House
In 2011, both of them worked together in the film 'Mile Na Mile Hum'. The film did not work and after a few days Chirag Paswan entered politics. Kangana remained in the film industry. For the first time, she entered politics in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Here her first innings was a hit. She got a spectacular victory in Himachal's Mandi seat.

Kangana enters politics, Chirag becomes minister
Chirag Paswan has come out of his father's shadow and has made a special identity for himself in politics. His party's performance in this election was very good. His party is an ally of BJP. He is currently the Minister of Food Processing Industries at the Center. Earlier, his father had handled this ministry. Kangana Ranaut has been elected from Mandi in Himachal Pradesh. In this election, she defeated state minister and veteran candidate Vikramaditya Singh by a margin of about 75,000 votes. Kangana Ranaut's film Emergency is also going to be released. This film will be released on 6 September.

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