What did Rahul Gandhi do in front of Amit Shah who was going to take oath?

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What did Rahul Gandhi do in front of Amit Shah who was going to take oath?

New Delhi: The first parliamentary session of the 18th Lok Sabha has begun. On the first day, before entering the Parliament, Prime Minister Narendra Modi discussed the priorities of the government and also appealed to the opposition for cooperation. According to tradition, on the first day, Protem Speaker Bhartruhari Mahtab is administering oath to the MPs elected from across the country. Meanwhile, various types of scenes are coming to the fore. One such scene was seen when Home Minister Amit Shah was going to take oath. As soon as Amit Shah climbed the stage, Congress MPs sitting in the opposition camp Rahul Gandhi He did something that attracted everyone's attention towards him.

This time the number of opposition camp has increased

This time's Parliament session is special in many ways. For the first time, the country is witnessing the swearing-in ceremony of MPs in the self-made Parliament. For the first time after independence, policies for the country will be decided in the self-made Parliament. At the same time, this is the first time in the last decade that the numbers in the opposition camp have also come close to the ruling party. This time the ruling NDA has 293 MPs while the opposition Bharat Gathbandhan also has 234 MPs. That is, this time there is a difference of only 59 MPs. In the 2014 and 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the NDA had a huge lead over the opposition.

Rahul Gandhi waving a copy of the Constitution in front of Amit Shah.

What did Rahul do before Shah's oath?

Well, let's talk about Rahul Gandhi. What happened was that when Home Minister Amit Shah reached the stage to take oath on his turn, Rahul Gandhi, sitting in the first row of the opposition, started showing the copy of the Constitution. As soon as Shah came in front of Rahul, he immediately started waving the copy of the Constitution in his hand. The cameras installed in the House captured this scene. Shah took the oath of office and secrecy after Defense Minister Rajnath Singh. He has been elected from Gandhinagar, Gujarat. At the same time, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi has won from Wayanad in Kerala and Rae Bareli seat of Uttar Pradesh this time. However, according to the rules, he had to leave one seat. Rahul is currently an MP from Rae Bareli.

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