What did Mallikarjun Kharge say that Chairman Dhankhar started laughing loudly, then the atmosphere of the house changed

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: The opposition is continuously demanding a discussion on the NEET paper leak case in Parliament. Opposition protests were also seen in both the houses. On Monday, something happened in the Rajya Sabha which made Speaker Jagdeep Dhankhar laugh out loud. Actually, opposition leader and Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge was speaking about the paper leak in the Rajya Sabha. During this, Kharge said that 'You have also started a new teaching practice… not you, I mean the government'. Hearing this, Dhankhar laughed.

Kharge was talking about the paper leak
Kharge was speaking on the exam leak case in Rajya Sabha. He said that our government worked to give 27 percent reservation to OBCs in institutions like IIT. Today doctors, engineers and scientists get respect and jobs all over the world. Their degrees are respected. If degrees are to be respected, then such scams will have to be stopped.

The speaker started laughing at Kharge's statement
He said, 'If the current situation does not improve, the credibility of our education system will be in danger all over the world. Every degree will be doubted. You have also started teaching practice. Meaning not you but the government…' Hearing this, Dhankhar started laughing loudly.

In a short while the atmosphere in the house became heated
Shortly after this, the atmosphere of the House changed. In fact, Kharge said that in the last 10 years, the educational institutions of the country have been captured by the people of RSS. People of RSS have got place in places like university, CBSE and people with good ideas are not getting place. Hearing this, Speaker Dhankhar got angry. He said that it is not right to say this, is it a crime to be a member of any institution? Is it a crime to be a member of RSS? RSS is working in the interest of the country. Using words like capture is absolutely wrong.

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