Mask Girl This is the story of a Korean girl who wants to become famous on the strength of her talent but her talent gets defeated due to her bad looks. This web series released on Netflix on 18 August Credit: Netflix

Guns & Gulaabs This web series is the story of two opium smugglers from Kolkata. It was streamed on Netflix on August 18. This web series stars actors like Rajkumar Rao and Dulquer Salmaan. Crime, thrill, suspense and romance will be seen in this web series. Guns & Gulaabs is created by Raj and DK. Credit: Netflix

The Hunt For Veerappan Its story is based on a dreaded dacoit Veerappan. There was a lot of fear of this dacoit in the 90s. This four-part documentary series on Veerappan is getting very good response. Credit: Netflix

The Chosen one This is the story of a boy who has super powers. Due to which the entire city is affected. This boy is 12 years old. It was released on Netflix on 16 August. Its story is going to create a lot of suspense. Credit: Netflix

The Uncanny Counter A total of 12 episodes of this web series are being told. Its story is woven around a college student. Its place is at number eight in the top 10 of Netflix. Credit: Netflix

Kohrra It is getting very good response on Netflix. It has been included in the top 10 of Netflix since last month. Its story is based on the murder of an NRI. This is a very suspenseful and crime thriller. It has total 6 episodes. Credit: Netflix