Liquor is on the rise in the stock market, Liquor Stocks gave huge returns in 5 months

These days there is a tremendous buzz of liquor on the stock market. That's why stocks of some liquor companies have given investors double profit in 5 months. Surur climbed on the stock market

There are some liquor companies whose returns have been more than 100 percent in 5 months. While the return of some is up to 90 percent. Price hiked by more than 100%

The stock of Som Distilleries and Breweries has given a return of 108% since April. Its share price has increased from Rs 153 to Rs 324 now. Som showered 'somers'

The share price of Tilaknagar Industries, a brandy maker under the 'Mansion House' brand, was Rs 115 in April. Now it has reached Rs 218.50. Intoxicated on brandy stock

Famous 'Black Label' maker United Spirits has also given good returns. Its share has increased from Rs 750 to now Rs 1024. 'Black Label' level high

India has now become the third largest liquor market in the world in terms of volume after China and America. The demand for liquor is increasing rapidly here due to which the companies are benefiting. world's third largest market