Fenugreek seeds are used for everything from adding tadka to getting relief from health problems, fenugreek seeds are also very beneficial for women. Credit: Pexel

Fenugreek seeds contain nutrition ranging from antioxidants to minerals, vitamins, iron, potassium, fiber, zinc and manganese. Fenugreek Nutrition. Credit: feelgoodpal

Drinking water of fenugreek seeds every morning helps in maintaining weight and is also beneficial for diabetic patients. Credit: flickr

Fenugreek contains Vitamin C and antioxidants which are very beneficial for skin as well as hair. Credit: pexels

Breast feeding mothers should include fenugreek seeds in their diet. It is considered helpful in increasing milk production. Increases milk production. Credit: pexels

Fenugreek seeds can provide relief to women from pain during periods, while after 45, fenugreek seeds are also considered very beneficial in menopause phase, getting relief from period pain. Credit: pexels

Pregnant women should avoid excessive consumption of fenugreek. If you are allergic to anything then eat fenugreek only after asking the doctor. Credit: pexels