10 beautiful pics of sun shared by NASA

NASA often takes to Instagram to share captivating visuals of the sun captured by its Solar Dynamics Observatory. Here are 10 breathtaking pics of the sun shared by NASA

This image captured by NASA shows swirling solar activity of coronal mass ejections (CME) with orange and yellow flares bursting in the darkness of space

This is a mosaic image of the sun captured in 10 wavelengths every 12 seconds. The surface of the sun is visible in swirling flares of red, orange, yellow and purple

This image of the sun in shades of teal shows a bright X-class solar flare making it the most intense flare. The ultraviolet light highlights the flares in hues of bright teal-green

The surface of the sun glows in patches of orange and red in this pic shared by NASA. The close up image captured bright orange light swirling off the surface of the sun

NASA shared this image of the sun in which it looks like a red swirling ball with shades of green emitting off of it. A few bright blue spots appear on the sun's outer atmosphere called the corona

Here's another spectacular image of the sun captured by NASA's Solar Dynamic Observatory. The image shows the sun partially eclipsed by a black shadow of Earth

This image of a solar "jack-o-lantern" captured by NASA shows the sun emitting solar flares and coronal loops to form an evil grin that appears like Halloween's jack-o-lantern

This is an image of the sun's intense bursts of radiation and solar flares in dark rusty orange colour classified as X1. The bright yellow spots on the sun highlight solar flare eruptions

Here's a composite image of X-rays swirling off the sun captured by the NuSTAR telescope. This image of the sun shows jets of green, blue and red bursting from the sun's surface

NASA captured this rarest celestial event of the transit of Venus across the face of the sun. The solar transit lasted nearly 7 hours. The black dot on the top left side on top of the bright orange sun is Venus