Web Series Review: Gurmeet Choudhary has made a mark as a RAW agent, but 'Commander Karan Saxena' is worth the salt

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Story of 'Commander Karan Saxena'

Gurmeet Choudhary is playing the role of a RAW agent in his first web series. The name of this promising agent is Karan. He sets out on a mission to save the country from terrorist attacks. The rest of the story revolves around this mission and Karan.

Trailer of 'Commander Karan Saxena'

Review of 'Commander Karan Saxena' web series

The series is based on Amit Khan's book of the same name 'Commander Karan Saxena'. It is full of action and interesting spy drama. Director Jatin Wagle has written the screenplay along with Jai Sheela Bhansal and Vivek Malik. He has a lot to offer in terms of content, but the way it has been brought on screen lacks originality. This is the reason why Gurmeet Choudhary is unable to take the series to new heights despite his strong acting and unmatched bravery.

In its first episode itself, 'Commander Karan Saxena' manages to create an atmosphere with tremendous action and investigative story. The pace of the story of the series is good and it keeps you hooked from the first episode itself. You especially like the cat and mouse game between Karan Saxena and ISI Chief Nasir Khan (Iqbal Khan). Apart from this, the friendship between ACP Rachna (Hrita Durgule) and Karan also attracts you. The story keeps the curiosity alive. But as the story progresses, everything becomes predictable. You already understand what twist is going to come next, and this thing starts bothering you.

Gurmeet Choudhary dominates the screen as Commander Karan Saxena in the series. He not only looks impressive but also looks great in action scenes. Iqbal Khan has won hearts as the formidable villain. His serious style is a hit on screen. The chemistry between Gurmeet and Marathi actress Hritha is adorable, which adds a romantic angle to the story.

The production value of this series is also good. I especially liked the cinematography. Bharat-Saurabh's background score adds to the thrill. The action sequences are also well choreographed, but if some scenes were a little faster, they would have been more fun.

Overall, the first five episodes of 'Commander Karan Saxena' are worth watching as a spy thriller with an interesting story and strong acting. But the entire series is of 20 episodes. The story becomes predictable later on and due to this, giving it so much time sometimes seems a bit boring. Still, this series of Gurmeet Choudhary can be watched at least once for entertainment.

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