Web Series Review: 'Bad Cop' is based on the 90s formula, but Gulshan Devaiah has put his heart and soul into it

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Web Series Review: 'Bad Cop' is based on the 90s formula, but Gulshan Devaiah has put his heart and soul into it

Mera Karan-Arjun will come… This dialogue is a superhit even after twenty years. Shah Rukh and Salman Khan are equally iconic 'Karan-Arjuns' of cinema, but now a new 'Karan-Arjun' has emerged on OTT. These are Karan-Arjun (Gulshan Devaiah). The twin lookalike brothers of the new web series 'Bad Cop', which is a desi adaptation of the German TV series of the same title.

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Story of 'Bad Cop' web series

The story begins in a hotel. Arjun (Gulshan Devaiah) along with his girlfriend Kiki (Aishwarya Sushmita) dupes a man, but while fleeing from there he witnesses the murder of a famous journalist. In an attempt to save him, Arjun leaves his DNA there, which puts the needle of suspicion on him.

Soon after, we see Inspector Karan (Gulshan Devaiah) arguing with his wife Devika (Harleen Sethi) at the police station. Devika is not only his wife but also his senior. This leads to a souring of their personal relationship. Soon after, the series shows an elephant being killed in the jungle, giving the impression that it could be a case of ivory smuggling. But no. Wait a minute.

Now, Don Kajbe (Anurag Kashyap) enters the story wearing a lungi-bandi, performing aarti of Ganpati and with a sly smile, who proudly reaches the jail. What happened? Is your head spinning while reading these different scenes one after the other? Of course, you also feel the same while watching it. So as a viewer you need to have some patience to understand the story and the relationship between these characters.

Trailer of 'Bad Cop' web series

'Bad Cop' web series review

The story of the series is such that out of the twin brothers Karan Arjun who grew up in an orphanage, Karan becomes a policeman while Arjun becomes a thug. Karan is the enemy of Don Kajbe's illegal businesses, so Kajbe is after his life. In such a situation, Karan dies after being shot in an encounter, while Arjun, who came to meet him, starts living his life. Now Arjun's aim is to find out Karan's killers. Also, how does he fit into Karan's life? This will also be seen in the future.

Talking about the specialty of the series, Aditya Dutt, who has made films like 'Commando 3' and 'Crack', has created some excellent action scenes. The scene where Karan-Arjun fall in water during the encounter, in which one's face and the other's back are in front, is attractive. Aditya has got experienced actors like Gulshan and Anurag for this. Gulshan Devaiah has brought life to the characters of both Karan and Arjun. Anurag Kashyap has become so adept at playing the role of a villain on screen that he does not need to work hard. Harleen Sethi and Aishwarya Sushmita have also played their characters well. However, Saurabh Sachdev, who usually does sharp acting, has failed.

Talking about the shortcomings, the biggest weak link is its writing. The quartet of Rensil D'Silva, Srinita Bhomik, Hussain Dalal, Venika Mitra have tried every formula of 90s films in the series. Twin brothers, one honest and the other bad, replacing one with the other, all these formulas have been seen in many films before. Therefore, there is nothing new in the story.

By the way, only two episodes of this eight-episode series have been released so far (on the basis of which the review has been done), while the remaining episodes will be released one by one every week, so it should be expected that the story will take an interesting turn in the future.

Why watch- For Gulshan Devaiah's balanced acting and excellent action sequences.

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