Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma's tears on retirement said a lot

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On one hand, Team India created a wave of happiness in the whole country by winning the T20 World Cup trophy after 17 years, while on the other hand, Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma's announcement of retirement from T20 one after the other brought tears to everyone's eyes. People were unable to understand whether the tears in their eyes were of happiness or of an emotional moment filled with sadness and most of those who felt this must have been men.

When the two Sigmas, cricketers Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, are seen getting emotional on screen, how can one control their emotions? And to be honest, their moments say a lot about the taboo on crying and masculinity. (Photo courtesy: AP)

A tough personality, but tears in the eyes too

Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, as always, were seen playing and strategizing in a very practical manner in this winning match. The result was that both of them performed brilliantly even under pressure and laid a trap and snatched the victory from South Africa and put it in their share.

After this power and victory, both the players expressed their different emotions openly. While initially there was a big smile on their faces, later tears came in their eyes.

By doing this he clearly showed that even if he is classified as an Alpha or Sigma, he has no shame in expressing his tender feelings. (Photo Courtesy: AP)

…and this is how both the veterans got emotional

Rohit-Virat's victory hug

Crying doesn't make you less manly

The way these two got emotional on the field and their eyes became moist shows that a man crying does not show that he is weak, but it shows that he has emotions too. And no boy should be shy or hesitant in expressing these emotions.

Everyone will remember that a similar scene like Rohit-Virat was witnessed when Federer retired and Nadal also cried after seeing his strongest rival say goodbye to tennis.

Science also believes in power

Science also believes in power

By the way, let us tell you why crying should be normal for men, it cannot be avoided just by laughing or talking nonsense. This is because science also supports the fact that if a man expresses his emotions through tears instead of suppressing them, then he gets only benefits.

The benefits of crying and the disadvantages of suppressing emotions

The benefits of crying and the disadvantages of suppressing emotions

of Harvard Medical School based on this topic An article It is said that crying relieves emotional pain and stress, which helps in maintaining better emotional and mental health.

The same article also mentioned that forcibly suppressing your emotions can lead to repressive reactions, which have adverse effects on blood pressure, immunity, heart and brain health.

Stop associating tears with weak masculinity

Stop associating tears with weak masculinity

If boys' crying is to be normalised, it will start from home. Parents will have to stop teaching their sons that 'boys don't cry'. Girls will also have to stop associating their partner's crying with his weakness, only then will the husband be able to express his feelings openly.

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