VIDEO: Team stuck in Barbados, Bumrah's wife shared weather update, Team India will return today!

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New Delhi. It has been more than three days since the Indian cricket team won the T20 World Cup but it has not been able to return home. Hurricane Beryl has trapped our champions in Barbados. Perhaps trapped is not the right word. This storm has imprisoned the Indian team. The champions, with the desire to meet their loved ones, have spent more than 80 hours in a hotel. The eyes of the fans, who are eagerly waiting to welcome the team, have also started to become stone-like. The wait is not coming to an end. Amidst this long wait, the good news is that if everything goes well, the Indian team will return home today on Wednesday.

The Indian team won the T20 World Cup on June 29 at around 11:50 pm. By defeating the Chokers (South Africa). After the victory, the Indian team and fans drowned in celebration while the South Africans started drowning in the ocean of sorrow. People say that prayers pay off. And they did. India became the champion. But after this, such a storm came out of the ocean that it does not calm down. One day passed. Two days passed. The third day came and went. Beryl is not taking the name of getting off the track. Even though the blessings of Lord Indra are showering sporadically in India, the people of Barbados are repeatedly pleading for help, the government should have left them by now.

The comforting thing is that the winds have started to slow down in Barbados. The rain has also started to stop. With this, the Indian cricket team and fans can also breathe a sigh of relief. News is coming from Barbados that the Indian team is going to leave on Tuesday (Wednesday in India). The statement of the Prime Minister of Barbados in this regard had come a day earlier.

Indian cricketers and the media persons travelling with them are also constantly giving updates. One such update has been given by Sanjana Ganesan. Jasprit Bumrah's wife Sanjana has shared an Instagram story, in which the scenes of the storm in Barbados can also be seen.

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