Video: 'I feel suffocated just by looking at this…' People raised questions after seeing the crowd of tourists in Guchu Pani cave

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: There is severe heat in the plains of North India including Delhi-NCR. A few days ago, the situation was such that the mercury had reached 45 to 48 degrees at many places. Although now the temperature has definitely come down due to rain, but the humidity is still very high. People are going to the mountains to get relief from the sticky heat and humidity.

Crowd of tourists in the cave

Recently, a video of Gucchu Pani cave in Dehradun, Uttarakhand has surfaced. In which it can be seen that thousands of tourists have reached there together and are trying to get out of the narrow space between two hills. In this video, men, women, children and elderly are all seen crossing the cave in a queue. After this video went viral, users on social media are raising questions on the administration.

'I feel suffocated just looking at it'

On this video of Gucchu Pani cave, users are targeting the administration and asking questions. One user wrote – Is the administration sleeping? Such a large crowd was allowed to go to such a place, is this how tourism is promoted? Another user wrote – Sad! There is no restriction from the administration on this careless crowd! Another user wrote – I am feeling suffocated just by looking at this.

What is the story of Guchu Pani Cave

Gucchu Pani Cave is also known as Robbers Cave. It is located in Dehradun city of Uttarakhand. Let us tell you that this cave is made of natural limestone which is popular for its natural beauty, mysterious atmosphere. There are many stories about this cave. First of all, it is also called Robbers Cave. According to the most popular story, this cave used to be the hideout of the notorious robber Guccha Singh and his gang. Robber Guccha Singh used to hide the looted goods here and attack passersby. There are some more stories too.

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