Vehicle Sales | Sales of vehicles in festivals are expected to exceed 10 lakh units, from 17th August to 14th November.

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Anticipating Prosperity: Domestic Passenger Vehicle Sales Projected to Exceed One Million Units During Festive Season

The Indian domestic passenger vehicle market is gearing up for a significant milestone this year, as sales are poised to surpass the one million unit mark during the upcoming festive season. With the festival season spanning an auspicious 68 days from August 17th to November 14th, manufacturers and consumers alike are gearing up for increased sales. However, it’s worth noting that certain days within this festive period are traditionally considered less favorable for shopping activities.

Festival Surge in Sales

Shashank Srivastava, Senior Executive Officer (Marketing and Sales) at Maruti Suzuki India, highlighted the annual phenomenon of heightened sales during festivals. This period typically contributes to around 22-26 percent of the total yearly sales. The forecast for the current fiscal year is set to witness total passenger vehicle sales within the realm of 40 lakh units. Among these, an estimated 10 lakh units are projected to be sold during the festive season, as per Srivastava’s insights.

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Consistent Growth and Positive Industry Outlook

Srivastava further emphasized that the automotive industry has been experiencing a robust sales trajectory, and this positive momentum is anticipated to persist in the upcoming months. The fiscal year has already witnessed an exceptional performance in terms of sales during the months of April, May, June, and July. Notably, July recorded the second-highest monthly sales figure in history, with approximately 3.52 lakh units sold. This pattern is expected to carry into August, with sales projected to reach approximately 3.5 lakh units.

Challenges in the Landscape

Amidst the surge in sales, the high prevalence of vehicle loans raises concerns. It has been observed that about 83 percent of consumers resort to loans to facilitate their car purchases. This trend underscores the significant role of financing in the purchasing process, while also highlighting the financial burden it places on a substantial portion of buyers.

Industry Insights and Projections

Srivastava shed light on Maruti Suzuki India’s perspective, noting that the company envisions festival-related sales to comprise around 22-25 percent of its annual sales volume. Aligning with this positive outlook, the Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA) has also chimed in, predicting a noteworthy upswing in retail sales throughout the festive season.


The Indian automotive market is poised to embrace a season of prosperity and heightened sales, fueled by the festive spirit. As manufacturers prepare to cater to increased consumer demand, the industry’s growth trajectory remains promising. The convergence of tradition, auspiciousness, and consumer enthusiasm during this festive period is set to contribute significantly to the country’s domestic passenger vehicle sales, underscoring the enduring connection between culture and commerce. In light of these developments, while celebrations abound, the industry and consumers alike will need to navigate the challenges posed by the prevalence of vehicle loans in the market.

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