Usha Uthup's second husband Jani Uthup died of a heart attack, know when they met, the love story is filmy

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Usha Uthup's second husband Jani Uthup died of a heart attack, know when they met, the love story is filmy

Singer Usha Uthup's husband Jani Chacko Uthup died in Kolkata on Monday, July 8. He was 78 years old. His family gave this information. The family said that Jani had complained of uneasiness while watching TV at his home. Family members said that he was taken to a nearby hospital, but doctors declared him dead. The family said that Jani died of a heart attack. Now Jani's funeral will be held on Tuesday, July 9. Usha Uthup's second husband Jani Chacko Uthup was associated with the tea plantation sector. The couple first met in the famous Trincas in the early 70s. Now the family has a son and a daughter.

Usha Uthup's first marriage and first husband

Usha Uthup was first married to Ramu Iyer. But they had been married for five years and everything was not going well between them. Ramu encouraged Usha for music. He used to take her to many places for programs. But they did not have a husband-wife relationship. Once when she went to a program in Kolkata with her first husband, she met Jani.

Usha Uthup's meeting with second husband Jani Chacko

'The Queen of Indian Pop: The Authorized Biography of Usha Uthup', written by Vikas Kumar Jha and translated by Srishti Jha, states that it was 1969, when Usha got a contract to sing for three weeks with Trinks. For this she went to Kolkata with Ramu. In the evening when the singer was singing at Trinks, Jani also reached there. He was watching them. He was a Christian and the singer was a Brahmin Hindu. Ramu and Jani used to talk to each other. The singer liked that her husband had a companion with whom he could spend time in Kolkata.

Jani Chacko fell in love with married Usha Uthup

Once Jani called Ramu to a Chinese restaurant. There he told him, 'I don't know about Usha's feelings. But I love her.' Ramu told this to Usha. But before all this Jani had come home, on whose face Ramu angrily closed the door. After this Ramu asked Usha, 'But what Jani said… is it true? Do you also have the same feelings for him?' To which she said yes in a scared manner. Then in anger Ramu threw the plate on the wall and went to sleep but Usha kept crying till morning. She was afraid of what people would say. However, then distance started coming between Ramu and Usha. After completing the contract, both of them came to Mumbai. But later when the call came again, Usha went alone. Ramu did not go with her. This is where the distance started. There Usha started spending time with Jani.

Usha Uthup and Jani Uthup belonged to different religions

Usha had once revealed that Jani had borrowed money from her to buy engagement and wedding rings. However, he had returned the money later. When they met at a nightclub, Usha had decided that she would marry him. And that is what she did. Due to their different religions, she had asked Jani, 'How will we raise our children? I meant which religion will they follow. He simply said, 'We will raise them like children.'

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