UP: New order for teachers, will tighten the reins! Teachers will not be able to do this work during school hours

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UP School Teacher News in Hindi: Teachers of council schools will no longer be able to participate in programs organized by educational organizations during school hours. They will have to pay full attention to the studies of the children. In this regard, instructions have also been issued by Director General School Education and State Project Director Kanchan Verma. BSAs of all the districts of the state will have to strictly follow the instructions.

Teachers will need to obtain permission

Complaints were received that teachers leave during school hours to participate in programs of teacher organizations. Firstly, there is a shortage of teachers in schools. In such a situation, participation in teachers' programs during school hours has a direct impact on children's education and the course is also not completed.

Due to this, Director General of School Education Kanchan Verma has directed that no teacher or employee of the school will participate in any program or activity organized by teacher organizations during school hours. If there is any very important program then one can participate in it only after taking approval.

Additional classes must be taken to complete the course

If for any reason the syllabus is not completed on time in any school, then the headmaster of the school will have to organize additional classes to complete the syllabus. All schools will also have to complete the annual calendar of the Basic Education Department 100 percent. Sports and other activities will also have to be organized as per the annual calendar.

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