Understand how the vote percentage increases after voting in the Lok Sabha elections.

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New Delhi: The total turnout in the sixth phase of the Lok Sabha elections on Saturday was revised upwards to 63.4 per cent by Sunday evening. This is higher than the fifth phase's polling percentage of 62.2 per cent, which was the lowest so far. However, Phase 6's polling is still much lower than the first four phases. According to the polling data officially shared by the Election Commission at 11.45 pm on Saturday, the sixth phase saw 61.2% polling.

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Why does voter turnout increase?

Initially, it is continuously updated through the Election Commission's Voter Turnout App. After this, the polling party i.e. the officials conducting the elections have finally submitted their report. This has resulted in an increase in the polling day figures. In relation to the sixth phase, it was an increase of 2.2 percent. Moreover, the polling of Phase 6 is now 1.2 percent more than the polling of Phase 5. Sources told our sister newspaper Times of India that the polling figures of Phase 6 available on the EC app at 10 pm on Sunday are almost final as there will be no re-poll after the scrutiny held in the presence of candidates or their agents on Sunday. However, the current polling figures of all the phases are based on EVM votes. Postal ballots are not included in it. Postal ballots are counted only on the day of the result.

Delhi: Vote percentage increased but less than last time

The overall polling in NCT Delhi on Sunday evening rose to 58.7 per cent. It was 57.7 per cent at 11.45 pm on Saturday. However, it is still less than the 60.6 per cent polling recorded in 2019. All seven parliamentary constituencies in Delhi also witnessed lower polling than the last Lok Sabha election. According to data available on the Voter Turnout app on Sunday evening, North East Delhi parliamentary constituency recorded the highest polling in the state at 62.8%. Like in 2019, New Delhi recorded the lowest polling at 55.4%, followed by South Delhi at 56.4%. On Sunday evening, North West Delhi recorded 57.8 per cent polling, Chandni Chowk at 58.6 per cent, West Delhi at 58.8 per cent and East Delhi at 59.5 per cent.

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How much percentage of votes increased in which state?

In the state-wise polling updated on the Voter Turnout app till Sunday evening, Odisha saw the biggest increase of 4.9 percentage points. It rose from 69.6 per cent at 11.45 pm on Saturday to 74.5 per cent on Sunday evening. Additionally, Haryana saw a rise of 4.4 percentage points, from 60.4 per cent at 11.45 pm on Saturday to 64.8 per cent on Sunday evening. The rise in Odisha was also significant. The revised turnout was 4.1 per cent higher than the 69.6 per cent turnout declared by the Election Commission at the end of polling day. West Bengal saw a rise of 3.2 percentage points from 79.5 per cent to 82.7%, possibly due to the time taken for polling parties to return from remote polling stations.

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No change in UP

Voting figures in UP remained almost the same as on Saturday. The commission had said on Saturday that it will publish updated voting figures for the sixth phase by May 30. Voting – which is currently based on EVM votes and does not include postal ballots – has fluctuated in different phases. The fourth phase had the highest turnout of 69.2%. The third phase had 65.7 percent voting. The fifth phase had the lowest at 62.2 percent but then it came back to 63.2 percent in the sixth phase. Earlier, 66.7 percent voting was recorded in the second phase and 66.1 percent in the first phase.

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