Travel Tips: If you are fond of trekking then enjoy it in Delhi NCR | Leopard trail can be the best option

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Unveiling Trekking Gems for Delhi and NCR Residents

Are you a trekking enthusiast living in Delhi NCR or Delhi itself? There’s no need to venture all the way to Himachal Pradesh or Uttarakhand for your trekking fix. Save time and money by discovering these amazing trekking spots recommended by Humtracks.

Discover Offbeat Treks | Leopard trail

Leopard Trail: A Hidden Beauty

Have you heard of the Leopard Trail? If not, you’re in for a treat. This picturesque trail winds along the Jaipur-Gurgaon Highway, offering a delightful experience amidst small trees, gentle slopes, and vibrant red soil. If you crave the charm of such landscapes, visit this trail. Monsoon is the preferred season for trekkers, with minimal landslide risks compared to other mountain areas.

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Aravali Hills: Delhi’s Natural Treasure

For Delhiites, the Aravali Hills are a well-known natural haven. Spanning an impressive 692 km, this mountain range beckons you for an exciting trekking adventure. Encompassing Delhi, Haryana, and Rajasthan, the Aravallis are a treasure trove of natural beauty, especially enchanting during the monsoon season.

Sanjay Van: Urban Oasis

Sanjay Van, nestled in Delhi-NCR, stands as a true gem. Spanning over 700 acres, this forested area is a favored destination for trekking enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in the lush greenery and tranquil vistas as you embark on a trek through its trails. Capture the beauty through your lens with ample photography opportunities.

Kalesar Jungle: Nature’s Playground

Yamunanagar’s Kalesar Forest is a paradise for those seeking an immersive trekking experience. Enveloped by lush green trees and diverse plant life, this forest offers breathtaking views and a serene atmosphere. Not only is it a trekker’s haven, but also a favored location for cycling enthusiasts. Keep an eye out for the diverse wildlife that calls Kalesar Forest home.

Explore, Trek, Enjoy

These lesser-known trekking destinations near Delhi promise unforgettable adventures without the hassle of long journeys. Embrace the beauty, tranquility, and thrill they offer and create lasting memories right in your backyard.

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